How Much Time to Learn Computer Animation?

How Much Time to Learn Computer Animation?

The question of how much time to learn computer animation comes up pretty often. The answer can vary widely depending on what discipline you are talking about. While there is no set time and everyone is different, you can set some milestones for yourself.

how much time to learn computer animationMost four year degree programs in computer animation turn out motivated entry level artists in four years. Keep in mind that those four years are not just computer animation courses, but a host of core curriculum and vacation time. If one were to take just the computer animation courses, it could take about nine months. That’s the length of the Gnomon School of Visual Arts Certification program, and is pretty heavy on computer animation using Maya.

If you are a highly motivated self-starter, you could cut that time in half by dedicating yourself to your craft every waking hour of every day. Begin at some basics in your chosen software, and work through every tutorial you can find online. You will get very proficient quickly if you stick to a regiment and stay organized.

You can also buy some video tutorials on sites like Udemy like this one for Blender and go through the entire course as fast as you can. You’ll know enough to understand what you want to do, and can most likely begin working on your show reel from there. Keep in mind though that this route is not easy, and you’ll be straining your brain to cram this all in in a short time-frame.

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