Free 3D Models

Free 3D Models

3D modeling is a time consuming process.  Sure, you can do it yourself, but it time is of the essence, you need to either buy or find 3D models that you can use in your projects.  Luckily, there are many places that you can buy models now, and a few good places that you can even find them for free.

Here is a list of free 3D model sites that you can download models from for your projects.  Make sure you check that they can be used for commercial purposes if that’s your intent. They are in alphabetical order.

List of Sites with Free 3D Models

  • 3D CAD Browser– Somewhat decent models with many different formats available for download.
  • 3D ContentCentral – Simple and decent, not much there but easy.
  • 3Delicious – Dated site but easy to download mostly free stuff.
  • – Mostly interior and set dressing stuff.  Lots of free and easy to download.
  • 3D Resources by NASA – It’s NASA.  If you want real space assets… yeah.
  • – Smithsonian.  Enough said.
  • – Many interior type models, some cars, etc…  Again, dig through this.
  • 3D Warehouse– great resource but READ their terms of service.
  • – Not bad, decent quality, and easy downloads.
  • – Lots of architectural stuff and a whole lot for free without needing to sign in.
  • Archive 3D – A whole lot of interior and architectural set dressing stuff.
  • Bentanji – Decent free section.
  • Blogscopia – Fun models, easy download.
  • – I use this site a whole lot for freelance.  It’s a solid repository.
  • Car Body Design – It seems to be an aggregate site that links out to other free models on other sites.  Worth a look.
  • CGTrader – Some of these are free.  It’s worth checking out to see if you can find anything that doesn’t charge.
  • – Somewhat decent if you dig through it.  There is a lot of low polygon stuff here but check it out.
  • Craftsmanspace – Decent starters, low poly, but easy to download.
  • Design Connected – solid set dressing stuff.
  • DMI Car 3D Models – Cars, cars, and lots of free cars.
  • Free3D – Some of the ones listed on this HUGE database are free.  Some charge.  It’s overall a good resource.
  • Free 3D Base – great set dressing.  Some low poly but easy to download and workable.
  • GrabCAD – Most of the models on this site are free.  They are in engineering data format, so you may need to find conversion utilities to bring them into art programs.
  • Hum3D – Hit or miss, but decent stuff.
  • model+model – Nice clean layout with a free section, so it makes the list.
  • Oyonale – Set dressing and mostly POV-Ray format.  Some others.
  • Renderpeople – Free section with standing people and animated people.
  • Sweet Home 3D – Set dressing.  Low poly.  Worth a look.
  • Thingiverse – A lot of random models to dig through.  There is search functionality and seemingly lots and lots of stuff for free.
  • VIZPARK – Nice site with a free section among high quality interior paid models.
  • VWArtclub – Awesome site, nice layout, easy to download.

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