About Us

Non-Creatives Are Losing Their Grip On Power. It’s Time To Own What Is Ours.

We create. That is what we do. We live and breathe ideas, innovation, and the freedom of thought that comes with it. It’s our birthright to fill out whose blank sheets of paper, or screens. We make something from nothing.

There has never been a better time in history to be a creative. Yet those who secretly envy our abilities seek to stomp on us through wage theft, collusion, off-shoring to places with horrible wages and working conditions, and all under the excuse of “good business.”

This is our time to rise. The internet gives us tremendous power to take back what we own. We don’t have to compete and race to the bottom just to benefit the sociopaths on Wall St. We own the race. This site will show you how to win. Together, we can change the power dynamic and own our future.

The top navigation has a few key sections to get you started. The first is free tutorials. We can always improve on our abilities, and this will serve to make us more valuable. The second deals with some of the best paid courses available in different disciplines. This is where you invest in yourself and your skillsets. Lastly, the third is where you learn to market yourself. This is where you begin to own your own future.

The power is in you. The path is laid before you. Own it.