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If You Ever Feel Overwhelmed in Learning Computer Graphics and Animation, This Guide Will Give You Direction, Help You Focus Your Energy, and Help You Find Success and Maybe Lessen Your Anxiety.

This eBook is NOT a 3D Tutorial book (videos are better for that these days), but more of a “Resource” to help you on your way.

What’s Inside The Guide?

  • What to study to become a character animator.
  • What to learn to become a VFX Artist.
  • What to learn become a Compositor.
  • How to be a CG Generalist.
  • What to learn to become a Technical Director (TD).
  • What’s needed to become a Texture Artist.
  • What to learn to become an environmental artist.
  • The most common areas of CG and where the work is RIGHT NOW.
  • What is the most common software used in the industry and what you should be learning.
  • How to focus your time and energy to get good at what you want FAST without wasting precious time.
  • How to figure out what path you want to take right now.

and Some More Inside…

  • A link to a resource you should to have to learn animation, and it will be with you your whole career.
  • What’s better, going to school or self-teaching?  How do you know which is best?
  • What are the best schools for learning animation and where are they?
  • A list of job boards to find the best jobs.
  • A list of freelance sites to find the best gigs.
  • Where to get free 3D models for your projects.
  • Where to get great free textures.
  • Where to find the best glossaries for CG terminologies when you really need to know what something means but don’t have time to Google it.

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