Medical Animation Tutorials

Medical Animation Tutorials – Organic and Medical Scene Creation from a Scratch

This post highlights a growing collection of free tutorials that you can use to create organic and medical style animation.  These tutorials all use the free Blender 3D software so that you can easily follow along for free.  All you need is some time and patience.

Create Fast Stylized DNA from Scratch

Create Red and White Blood Cells From Scratch

Red and white blood cells are a common type of animation in this field.  This video will show you a really quick way to create a passable animation.  Once you get this down you can create a myriad of different effects.  This even lends itself to sci-fi as well.

Bacteria Creation with Electron Microscope Style Shading

The scanning electron microscope is ubiquitous in the medical and scientific fields.  Being able to create the look is certainly helpful.  This video tutorial shows you how to create e-coli bacteria from a blank blender scene.

Medical animation is a huge field and doesn’t often get the attention like entertainment does, but it’s worth checking out.  This section will keep growing as I publish more videos.  Feel free to subscribe to BlenderBinge on Youtube for updates.  

Create Stylized Stem Cells from Scratch

Stem cells are awesome and hold so much potential.  Here, learn to create this look in Blender 2.8 using displacements and transparency on simple objects.  Learn lighting and camera depth of field as well.  This project will have you creating some cool stuff quickly.

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