Free Resources for Content Creation

Free Resources for Content Creation

This page contains free resources that come largely from the videos that I create on Youtube.  They will always be free to use and play with.  This is so you can go ahead and learn, then go create awesome stuff.

3D Studio Max to Blender Settings Guide

Here is the file for Max to Blender users.  Please remember to check out Krzysztof’s ArtStation Profile and FOLLOW him if you want.

Free PBR Shader

Free PBR Shader

Click the image to download the .zip file containing the PBR textures.  Once you download it, unzip it to a folder and use it with the video.  It’s decent and can show you how to use these shaders, but is not meant for production.

Free eBooks

Thisis a free resource that I’ve created for you.  It’s a free eBook in PDF format that details a whole lot of information about the CG world. If you want it, click on the image and check it out. 

Free SVGs

Lucasfilm Logo in Blender

Click the image to get the svg file from the logo video.

Free Scene Files

Product Render Scene Setup

Click the image to get the .blend file from the Simple Product Render Scene video.

Free Grid Texture

Blender Wormhole

Click the image to get the grid file from the Wormhole Video.

Creature Video Screengrab

Here’s the shader screengrab from the Creature video.  The full file and shader are available on patreon here.