Blender 2.8 Environment Tutorials

Blender Environment Tutorials

This video shows you how to import geological data and extrude a part of the Grand Canyon.  You then learn how to shade it and add in environment fog and atmosphere.

In the spirit of desert terrain, learn how to create this image pretty much completely in Blender, just using built-in tools.  Everything in this image is Blender except the sky.

Underwater is tricky.  Here’s a way to get a fast underwater scene using only the tools in Blender and nothing else.  We render this quickly with EEVEE as well.

If you’ve watched the show Stranger Things, and especially Season 2, you’ve seen the Hawkins Tunnel System dug out by the demogorgons.  This is how you would create this part of the Upside Down world in nothing but Blender.  We cover the entire shot including camera animation.

This Blender environment tutorial shows you a quick way to create a fast planet tutorial complete with rings and ice or rocks.  Everything in this scene is Blender, from scratch.

Learn to make a really quick arctic environment in nothing but Blender and EEVEE.

Learn a very fast technique for getting a forest fly-over in Blender that renders quickly.

Do you need a quick cloud-scape?  Here is one that renders fast in EEVEE using nothing but Blender 2.8.  These EEVEE ones are some of my favorite Blender environment tutorials online.

If you like Star Trek, learn to create something inspired by the Borg.  We use Blender 2.8 along with another very interesting and addictive free program with it.

Further Reading on Blender Environment Creation

These tutorials cover creating environments in Blender decently.  If you want more information, you might want to read this.  It’s packed with information on creating environments in Blender 3D.

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